About Us

We are dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned otters, otters from shelters and taking in desperate otters when they need the care.

We do so by working with committed volunteers, generous donations from our fosters, local veterinarians, and trainers. We are able to rescue otters in need and provide them with loving care.

Our fosters and volunteers are the heart and soul of Freedom Otter Rescue, and the reason we are able to successfully rescue and adopt out so many deserving otters. We truly are like a family of friends and in some cases we actually are family and it’s just so amazing that we can share our passion together and have so much fun doing it.

Being a foster based rescue means that any otter in our care with us is given a foster who supports them and gives us the ability to care for them. As a foster you will get a certificate saying you are fostering one of our otters and will get regular updates on your foster otter.

We are pleased to welcome Fairmont Château Laurier as a sponsor for 2018. For every nightly pet fee received, the pet-friendly hotel is donating $5 to support FDR initiatives.

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